Foiled Again

Trade-a-Boat Staff — 2 October 2019
By 'floating' above the waves, this smart dayboat promises a thrilling ride and no chance of sea-sickness.

It's taken a while, but it seems like the future has finally caught up with our expectations.

Sure, it's no hoverboard (though these can only be months away, right?) but we finally have a flying boat – the Foiler.

Boasting an exterior direct from James Bond's stylist, this luxury dayboat by UAE-builder Enata features retractable carbon-fibre hyrdofoils that can propel this  futuristic vision at 40 knots-plus, while eliminating the effect of wave conditions.

The hull effectively floats (or flies!) 1.5m above the surface of the water on the rigid foils and power is delivered via a diesel-electric hybrid drive system.

Twin 370hp BMW diesels push electric generators that are linked to a pair of electric propellor 'torpedoes' situated on the aft foils.

Enata claims that by reducing wave impact as the Foiler glides over chop, the boat 'virtually eliminates sea-sickness' and generates far less wake than conventional vessels, as well as reducing fuel consumption by around 20%.

Due to the massive reduction in wetted-area surface drag, the Foiler offers owners blistering top speeds, in combination with fuel efficiency and has a range of around 130nm at 30 knots.

Recently showcased at the Dubai International Boat Show, the Foiler is built on a modular layout to let the imagination of buyers run wild.

A range of formats are available to test-drive, including the all-rounder Azure platform with its central walkway and side loungers set around a retractable table, plus two bow seats with a viewing window at the front of the hull.

The GT layout aims to 'recreate the feeling of driving a race car' anmd features the same thrilling bow positions, but a greater emphasis on forward-facing seats to strap in and enjoy the ride.

A third option is the Royale format for the 'demanding patron who wants to be flown around in style'. Superyacht tender, perhaps? This Foiler has the panoramic bow windows, plus dayhead and fridge, along with a an expansive sunlounge at the stern.

While not cheap, there's no question these flying boats will certainly turn heads and with the foils retracted, they can be berthed easily or craned onboard your superyacht.

Now, where's my hoverboard?


Quick Specs


PRICE: From € 764,000

LENGTH: 9.8m (32ft)

WINGSPAN: 7.2m (foil mode)

DRAFT: 1.9m


ENGINES: 2x 370hp diesels + electric

FUEL: 330L



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