Grand Banks 52

Trade-A-Boat — 16 May 2019

There's a remarkable dignity woven into the Grand Banks name. Its understated designs add a touch of stately sophistication to efficiently engineered hulls, producing smart cruisers that speak volumes through a language of style. If you get a kick out of cheap thrills, live for gratuitous displays of horsepower and find justification of self in your ability to travels short distances at high speeds, then the new Grand Banks 52 probably isn't for you. If, however, you find satisfaction in quiet cerebral pursuits and gentle journeys to far away places, then a range of 1000 nautical miles at a casual cruising speed of 10 knots will be right up your boulevarde.

The new design is set to get wet later this year, and is presently under construction in Malaysia. By this point in time we can expect that the warped, semi-displacement hull has been formed using the brand's cored structure with multi-axial carbon fibre skins, bonded with vinylester and epoxy resins. Indeed, it's likely that the infused carbon fibre deck and superstructure have been put in place too, guaranteeing a low centre of gravity and imparting a classical silhouette.

Much of the engineering that's gone into the new 52 was informed by Grand Banks' successful 60 and 60 Skylounge designs. They're characterised by minimal wake and consistent performance throughout the rev range. In effect this translates to a reduction in the amount of energy wasted by pushing water out of the way and transitioning between running attitudes. 

What's concealed beneath the hardy exterior is as yet unknown. There are options available for both two and three stateroom layouts, the former with a galley down and master suite amidships, the latter slots the master suite in the bow with guest suites amidships and requires the galley to be pushed up to the port-side of the main deck. Regardless of which layout is selected, the saloon will remain spacious and will be furnished with versatile seating and dining arrangements. Light and airy spaces will be given a respectably nautical feel with golden teak fitted throughout by expert craftspeople. 

The driving force embedded in the belly of this beaut comes in the form of two Volvo Penta D11s as standard. This particular 725 horsepower model has been selected for its standout low-end torque, as well as low sound and vibration levels that ensure a civilised ride. Despite the fact that this cruiser doesn't emphasise speed as its primary function, a fast cruise of around 28 knots is still worthy of mention. 

Grand Banks have not yet finalised the list of standard inclusions for the 52, though it seems reasonable to assume they'll facilitate an impressive range of mod-cons. Given their factory-direct sales structure, future owners will be able to work closely with the company to ensure their particular vessel is fitted with all the comforts and luxuries they personally require. The Grand Banks 52 offers the opportunity to escape the rowdy common waters and set sail for serenity, and you can rest assured that in doing so your champagne will be chilled, your lounge sufficiently cushioned and your social standing firmly intact.


Grand Banks 52


LENGTH (overall) 18.1m (59’5”)

BEAM 5.33m (17’6”)

DRAFT 0.94m (3’1”)


FUEL 3400L


ENGINE 2X Volvo Penta D11



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