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TAB Staff — 10 September 2020
Axopar's renowned safety and handling is now available in a trailerboat.

Eyachts has announced a welcome addition to the local trailerboat market with its unveiling of the fun-sized Axopar 22. This (comparatively) pint-sized vessel features the same superb twin-stepped hull design as the brand's 28- and 37-foot models, yet is compact enough to be hauled to and from the water.

Earlier Axopar models have received glowing reviews from all who've stepped aboard, and the new 22 promises to deliver the same standard of seaworthiness, handling, safety and efficiency as its predecessors. This means compared to others in its class, the Axopar 22 is more capable and offers more consistent performance through changing conditions. First-time boat owners won't be intimidated by the safe and stable ride, while experienced boaties will revel in the precision and performance of a well-engineered vessel. 

In part, the boat's stability can be attributed to the three-part split-mould manufacturing process, which enables maximised hull-width and is uncommon in vessels of this size.

The design can cater for up to seven people with comfortable seating, a safe walkaround layout and separate toilet. It can be geared toward any on-water activity that takes the owner's fancy, and is billed as a capable wake and ski boat, an offshore fishing weapon and a relaxing day-tripper. There are three different deck layouts available, with various seating and storage options to suit a range of uses. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Axopar 22 benefits from easy manoeuvrability in tight spaces, minimal windage and lower running costs. The weight-optimised build has a displacement of 1200kg, keeping it well within the realm of any capable tow-vehicle. Power comes from a single outboard ranging from 115 to 175hp, which will allow a top speed of around 40 knots. 

The Axopar 22 will launch in Europe in September, with a base price-tag of €49,000. Utilising Axopar's factory direct transport solutions, the costs associated with transporting the boats down under are significantly lower than with many other manufacturers, so we can expect good value from the 22 when it arrives in local waters. 



LENGTH (overall) 7.2m (23ft 4in)

BEAM 2.23m (7ft 4in)

DRAFT 0.8m (2ft 8in)




ENGINE 1 x 115–175hp outboard

WEB eyachts.com.au


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