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TAB Staff — 13 August 2020
Though not always an obvious mix, high-performance racing and boating have come together here to create something special

There have always been obvious ties between boating and high-performance motor racing. It's most apparent in a cultural sense — just think about the Monaco Gran Prix — but it goes much deeper than that. Technologically, the advanced production methods and material innovations that go into producing both high-end race cars and yachts have a lot in common. Your first instinct, however, might not be to consider how a well-known tyre manufacturer are working to advance the world of speedboating.

But of course, it makes perfect sense when you think about it — what's more fundamental to the on-water experience than floating around on an inner-tube as a kid?

The combined work of Pirelli and TecnoRib could be equated to the childhood inner-tube on steroids, if steroids had the ability to transform mice into lions. Their collaborative range of rigid inflatable tenders and speedboats are the perfect combination of rubber and relaxation, with enough cutting-edge marine engineering to make them an enticing proposition for any speed demon.

After the launch of the Pirelli 42 in Portofino, TecnoRib's managing director Gianni De Bonis explained, “an exclusive location and outstanding guests were the perfect ingredients for the presentation of a model that will make its official debut at the 2020 Düsseldorf Boat Show. It rounds out a range that, when we take J-LINE tenders into account, starts at 2.9 metres in length and goes all the way up to 19 metres.”

The design centres on a walkaround layout with forward and aft sundecks, a day area with table and a lower deck with a convertible dinette. It seeks to satisfy a demand for a sporty, comfortable and well-designed boat that can be used as a day boat, chase boat or mid-range cruiser.

There are a range of engine options available to power this comfortable speedster, which include inboard and outboard and max out at a total of around 900hp. Although there are pros and cons of any selection, it'd be a shame to forego the aft swim deck in favour of outboards.  

One of our favourite features is the strip of rubber amidships on each tube, which sports Pirelli's Blue Wet tyre tread pattern, as an homage to the companies performance in wet conditions. We're probably being sold on a gimmick, but it's the little things that make all the difference. 



LENGTH (overall) 13.1m (43ft)

BEAM 4.1m (13ft 5in)



ENGINE Sterndrive 640–860hp, Outboard 700–900hp

WEB tecnorib.it


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