NEWS: New Marine Gyro Stabilisers from Quick Italy Released By Gineico

TAB Staff — 1 July 2020

New Gyro Stabilisers from Quick Italy

Leading Italian gyro stabiliser manufacturer Quick Italy have announced the addition of five new 12VDC Quick Gyro Stabilisers to their existing range.

Already known for their compact design, ease of installation and reliability, the new models are the result of many years of research.

The MCQuick Gyro X2 and X3 stabilisers are the smallest in the extended family and deliver an anti-rolling torque of up to 3,900Nm to improve stability and reduce skipper and crew fatigue. The X2 suits 20ft trailable centre console fishing boats or day cruisers, while the X3 is better for heavier trailer sportfish boats or small cabin cruisers up to 27ft. The remaining three models in the range are suited to progressively larger boats.


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