Entertaining in Style

TAB Staff — 11 June 2020
Italian style and attention to detail make a sophisticated package in the CX270 — so you may be surprised when you feel the engines kick

Debuting at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival in September, the CX270 joins an already impressive range from Italian yacht builder Invictus. 

With its solid teak woodwork, shiny polished steel features and white leather seats, you could be forgiven for assuming the CX270 is all aesthetics and no grunt. You’d be wrong, though. The CX series represents the sportier side of the Invictus Yacht family, with twin outboard motors and sleek lines a focus of the design. In the CX270’s case you’re looking at a pair of 220hp engines, capable of pushing it up to a top speed of 44 knots when you need to feel the wind in your hair, or a calmer 25 knot cruising speed.

The heart of the design is amidships, where the ‘stand up’ steering seat can be transformed to complete the dinette in the stern. Perfect for entertaining, this flexible seating area oozes Italian style and luxury. The focus on flexible, multi-purpose spaces continues in the stern sofa, which can be converted to a sunbed and expanded to make use of the engine area. Just another reflection of the thought that has gone into the CX270.

With an optional 49L fridge included, there’s no reason you couldn’t take the CX270 over the horizon. But there’s no arguing over the fact that its primary purpose is zipping around picturesque shores and entertaining guests, using the vessel’s multipurpose social spaces.

With that in mind, Designer Christian Grande has kept cumbersome external items off the deck, as evidenced by the stowaway anchor, and balanced the sporty profile of the CX270 with larger interiors than you tend to see in a hull this size. A cabin with a separate bathroom, balancing ergonomics with visual appeal in such limited space, hints at why Christian Grande has received more than 16 international awards for yacht design. With more than 100 yacht designs under his belt since 1992, including collaborations with Sacs and San Lorenzo and overseeing styling and design for the entire Invictus Yacht range, Grande’s experience and style are obvious in the CX270.

With refined Mediterranean style combined with surprisingly sporty engines and hull, Christian Grande’s latest contribution to the Invictus Yacht range is no departure from form. 


Invictus CX270

LENGTH 8.1m (26ft 7in)

BEAM 2.7m (8ft 10in)



MAX SPEED 44 knots



WEB invictusyacht.com/cx270/

Dealer sundancemarine.com.au


Boat Spotlight Invictus CX270