Alia Ever Wished For

TAB Staff — 16 January 2020
Alia Yachts aren't in the business of 16-metre day boats, so when they do one, you know it'll be good

Do you ever wish there were more hours in the day? Try as you might, there’s no way to make the day longer, but we may have stumbled upon an alternative solution. Alia’s self-professed fast dayboat provides the power to cut down your marine transit so you can spend more time tending to the important parts of life. Time is money, right? And just like money, the economy of time requires someone to spend for another to gain. 

The seeds that grew into this 16-metre speedster were sewn in 2014, when a customer asked Alia if they’d take the time to produce a custom dayboat, unlike anything found among existing production models. 

“If the enquiry hadn’t come from an important client,” confesses founder and chairman Gökhan Çelik, “I probably would have turned down the request.” (Note to all the Alia owners, some of you are less important than others.)

Nevertheless, Alia didn’t deem the diminutive design as being worthy of their own time, so they passed the buck to Bill Dixon Design in the UK. 

Dixon’s experience in dayboat design promptly manifested into a spacious hard-topped cruiser capable of speeds over 35 knots with a set of Volvo IPS 650s. Modern styling permeates the external lines and continues through to the interior, creating an unobtrusive, comfortable overnight getaway. The impressive vessel is well-equipped with ample lounge space on deck level, and a spacious cabin with en suite and shower below. 

Alia spent as much care and attention to detail on the scant sixteener as they would a bigger boat, which proved time well spent when they received orders for two more shortly after the initial hull was delivered. 

To their unexpected delight, the company are presently finishing up talks with a fourth buyer and are receiving other enquiries from all around the globe. 

Despite the success, Alia aren’t rushing to branch out into small boat manufacturing.  Çelik  sums up the sentiment, saying, “We’re not looking to turn it into a full production model, but we are ready to build a mini-series for discerning owners in the market for a niche product with great looks and good performance.”

So if you want a boat that says ‘my other boat is a megayacht’ then this is the one to buy – that is, if Alia will return your calls. 



LENGTH (overall) 16m (52’6")

BEAM 4.7m (15’5”)

DRAFT 0.97m (3’2”)


FUEL 2600L


ENGINE 2x Volvo Penta IPS600 



Alia Yachts Luxury Dayboat