Review: Newport 460

Trade-A-Boat — 13 June 2019

The cyclical nature of fashion dictates that everything comes back around eventually, so it may come as no surprise that right now trawler-style cruisers are enjoying a return to vogue. Chiefly among brands that kept the style alive in the interim, Island Gypsy vessels maintained a reputation as being some of the most comfortable and well-constructed on the market. The newly announced Newport 460 builds on the experience of the Island Gypsy marque, repackaging it and bringing it into the present with a refined aesthetic and some updated tech. 

When it comes to modernising a traditional look such as the trawler-style boat, the key is is to introduce subtle refinements that echo advancements in production and manufacturing without compromising quintessential elements. Line up the 460 against an Island Gypsy sedan and you'll see exactly what that looks like. Beneath the surface, the new design retains 

the same spaciousness and smooth ride from the planing hull and fine bow entry that was perfected by its predecessors.

The benefits of modernity, however, go much deeper than first impressions. A newly-designed system called Python Drive channels the energy of a 480 horsepower Cummins engine into a smooth and silent ride, while Onan generators allow high-tech navigation equipment to keep the boat on course. Internal spaces are made all the more liveable with an expertly-designed layout that's studded with contemporary conveniences. 

This Australian-designed boat is testament to the vision of Newport. Priced just under $900k, which is said to include $50,000 of extras, the 460 seems like good value for money. It's neither the cheapest, nor the most expensive in its class, and looks like a fine option for anyone who's looking to spend quality time on board. An excellent choice for the discerning grey nomad.


Newport 460

PRICE $899,000

LENGTH (overall) 14m (46’)

BEAM 4.2m (13’8”)

DRAFT 1.0m (3’3”)


FUEL 1020L


ENGINE Cummins 480hp diesel 



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