Review: Numarine 54XP

Trade-A-Boat — 13 June 2019

Once you reach a certain point in the luxury yacht world, nothing comes as a surprise. With such massive pricetags and so much variety, the big-boat philosophy dictates that if you're willing to pay for it then someone will build it. If you were looking to buy a 45-metre yacht and someone said: 'Hey, do you want us to put a swimming pool with a fountain on the private deck of the main cabin?' it's not as if you'd say no. 

'While you're at it,' you'd say, 'how about some retractable balconies that come out of the saloon? You know, because it's not like we can have too much deck space... right?'

However, just like any other boat, the Numarine 45XP (the 'XP' denotes that this is part of the Explorer range) isn't without fault. 

The trouble is, with so many floor to ceiling windows, where are you supposed to hang the Vermeer you just bought? Compromises must be made, but with a maximum cruising range of 4,000 nautical miles at around 11 to 12 knots, the scenery outside those windows can be selected from any of the world's most beautiful locations. 

There are no shortage of activities to keep you and your guests entertained: diving board, gym (presumably that's for your toy boy or trophy wife of choice), study, multiple lounges and media stations inside and out. 

There's sleeping room for 12 civilians and seven staff and enough toilets so that you and your guests can all do business in unison – the master suite even has two ensuites, separated by a walk in wardrobe, so that you don't have to share a bathroom with the person that shares your bed. 

There's no doubt about it, Numarine's 45XP is right up there at the pinnacle of water-borne luxury. 

Anyone who owns a boat like this would obviously own tonnes of other amazing stuff – we can only hope that the ridiculousness of this amazing vessel isn't lost on them because of that. 

And for the rest of us, it's nice to dream. Or perhaps it's something to aspire to... does anyone want to invest in the Trade-a-Boat hedge fund?


Numarine 45XP


LENGTH (overall) 

45m (147'8”)

BEAM 9.25m (30'4”)

DRAFT 2.2m (7'3”)


FUEL 45,000L

WATER 6,000L

ENGINE 2x Cat C32s



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