How to: Rig Mackerel Bait

Trade-A-Boat — 15 April 2015
Video Feature

Successful marlin fishing requires a number of things to be in place.

For one, the marlin need to be biting, which on this fishing trip they were, northeast to the famous Port Stephens Carpark fishing spot. You also need the right boat, which again, Tim Angus made sure we had aboard his Riviera 3850, named Halekulani.

A first-rate marine electronics setup helps. Tim’s Riviera 3850 had a very recently installed Simrad marine electronics setup, based around Simrad NSS12 and Simrad NSO16 units. See the link below to get a full overview on this marlin fishing trip and the Simrad setup.

Finally, all the gear and technology in the world will only get you so far. You need a crew who know what they’re doing.

In this video, Rod Findlay shows you hot to rig a slimy mackerel bait for marlin fishing. Start with some freshly caught slimy mackerel, gut and gills all still intact. Think you can manage the rest?


Fishing Marlin Bait Video

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