Boat trailer buyers guide

TAB Editorial — 2 November 2015

So the missus has finally given in to your incessant whining and loosened her grip on the credit card long enough for you to stump up the deposit for a new boat. Or perhaps you’ve finally run out of gaffer tape and cold gal and decided to treat your boat to a new trailer. Whatever your motivation, choosing the right boat trailer is serious business. This essential guide will help you make the right decision.


Ultimate guide to to boat trailers

The ultimate boat trailers buyers guide

The essential guide to selecting, buying, driving and how to maintain a boat trailer. Don’t leave home until you’ve seen this essential guide. 

How to inspect a boat trailer

Buying a used boat? You wouldn’t hesitate to inspect the hull and motor, so why neglect checking the trailer?

How to maintain a trailer

Boat trailer maintenance: doing it right could save you a stack of antacid and a ton of heartache. Here’s the good oil on looking after your second-most important piece of boat equipment.

10 more tips for maintaining a trailer

Fishing and boating expert Scott Amon shares his extensive history on how he maintains his boat trailer in top condition. This man is a professional. Pay attention.

How to replace trailer wheel bearings

Routinely replacing the wheel bearings on a trailer is vital to ensuring your boat doesn't have a close encounter with the road. This easy step-by-step guide will show you just how easy it is.

How to stop a trailer from rattling

There's nothing quite like a rattling trailer to drive you bonkers on a long trip. Check out this clever device that can bring calm to your next journey.

How to beach launch

So you bought the right trailer and you’ve done everything else right. But now you find the closet boat ramp is miles away. Beach launching is easy (sort of) if you know what you’re doing.


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